Unfortunately, many marriages end in divorce and there are many situations where the parents were never officially married.

When a relationship breaks down it is necessary to resolve numerous issues.  Some examples may include:

        A) Child custody/visitation
        B) Child support
        C) Division of assets
        D) Alimony
        E) Division of debt
        F) Stepchildren

The list becomes quite long.

Some folks think that it will be a simple and quick process to unwind a relationship.  That is possible but usually the exception to how things work out.

Doing it right the first time will save you time and money.  If there are children involved, it saves them the stress of watching Mom and Dad having to go to court, again.

Come talk to us and make sure that things are done in a manner that will keep you from having to go to court again and again to, "work out just a few more details."